Who Are we?


is a seasoned wine and cocktail enthusiast of over 10 years. Her love affair with wine dates back to 2005 when she had her first glass of Merlot, let’s just say it was love at first sip. From then on she was devoted to learning as much as she could about wine.  From the grape varietals, to how the region plays a huge role in the makeup of a wine. Her love and curiosity for wine has taken her as far as Italy and Spain to experience wines from different parts of the world.

Her obsession with craft cocktails started in 2014 when she visited the St. Augustine distillery for a cocktail class. She knew then, her life would never be the same. Since that moment she has been on the craft cocktail path, from visiting speakeasies anytime she travels to making her own shrubs and infusing her own liquors. In her quest to turn everyone that she interacts with on a social level into a craft cocktail lover, Joie found that there is a void in this space as many people do not know what a craft cocktail is. One of the goals of Vine and Craft is to educate people not only about what they are drinking but also to spark enjoyment and appreciation for the craft cocktail movement and the many talented creators of its time.


is a hardcore extrovert and enthusiast. She has no qualifications to embark on this lifestyle endeavor, aside from the fact that she had her first sip of wine while dining in Paris, France more than 20 years ago, is a loyal wine club member, personal craft cocktail mini bar curator– deciding to become intentional about all of the above after college. Basically, “She drinks and she knows things!” That counts, right?! 

In 2016, Jules (lover of all things local) became an Elite Yelper.  Armed with a passion for food, she went on to become an E.A.T.™️ certified food judge in 2018. 

Jules is a native north Floridian. She loves life with her very chill husband, Larry and cute Yorkie, CoCo. Outside of her affection for libations and urban exploring, she enjoys selfies, street art, live music, mid-century everything, Pisco Sours, and toasting to all things Vine + Craft!


Born in 2019, Vine + Craft is the lovechild of Joie & Jules.


Vine + Craft offers an interactive, community experience for tasters and urban explorers alike. 

Live a little

V + C is committed to offering a range of all things crafty, and lean toward quality in all aspects— and, yes, we acknowledge that those are both very subjective terms.