V + C Features

V + C is unsponsored, and our features— whether it be business, vine, and/or craft —  are selected solely based on our personal preferences and fit for our brand. We do drink socially, visit restaurants and businesses that may or may not be featured, as we’re hoping to do our best to share organic experiences— never in trade for features, or under pretenses or promises of coverage in any form. 

While we do have personal favorites, and are wine consultants for Scout & Cellar, we are not affiliated with any particular winemakers, “cocktailiers”, importers, distributors, shops, restaurants, bars, pimps, etc. 

Get the Good Wine

Are you eating clean and drinking dirty? We’re so pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with Scout and Cellar to learn about clean-crafted wine options. Our wines are organic and completely sugar, chemical, pesticide, and headache free!  They come from farmers around the world that take the best care of their grapes. Be mindful when purchasing your next bottle. Want to set up a tasting? Visit scoutandcellar.com/vineandcraft, or message us at hello@vineandcraft.com for more details!

“Chemicals belong in a swimming pool. Wine should be as natural as possible.”

Sarah Shadonix, Scout and Cellar Founder & CEO

The “Taste of the Town Center” wine pairing features five restaurants: 

Seasons 52, Bazille by Nordstrom, Cantina Laredo, J. Alexander’s, & True Food Kitchen